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Year 2017
  •   Specifically Formed Corona on Silica Nanoparticles Enhances Transforming Growth Factor beta1 Activity in Triggering Lung Fibrosis. Wang Z, Wang C, Liu S, He W, Wang L, Gan J, Huang Z, Wang Z, Wei H, Zhang J and Dong L. ACS Nano. 2017;11(2):1659-1672.
  •   TiAl6V4 particles promote osteoclast formation via autophagy-mediated downregulation of interferon-beta in osteocytes. Wang Z, Deng Z, Gan J, Zhou G, Shi T, Wang Z, Huang Z, Qian H, Bao N, Guo T, Chen J, Zhang J, Liu F, Dong L and Zhao J. Acta Biomater. 2017;48:489-498.
  •   A tumour microenvironment-responsive polymeric complex for targeted depletion of tumour-associated macrophages (TAMs). Wang Y, Guo G, Feng Y, Long H, Ma D-L, Leung C-H, Dong L * and Wang C. Journal of Materials Chemistry B. 2017.
  •   Macrophage migration inhibitory factor promotes osteosarcoma growth and lung metastasis through activating the RAS/MAPK pathway. Wang C, Zhou X, Li W, Li M, Tu T, Ba X, Wu Y, Huang Z, Fan G, Zhou G, Wu S, Zhao J, Zhang J and Chen J. Cancer Lett. 2017;403:271-279.
  •   MicroRNA-199a-5p promotes tumour growth by dual-targeting PIAS3 and p27 in human osteosarcoma. Wang C, Ba X, Guo Y, Sun D, Jiang H, Li W, Huang Z, Zhou G, Wu S, Zhang J and Chen J. Sci Rep. 2017;7:41456.
  •   TGF-β-induced hepatocyte lincRNA-p21 contributes to liver fibrosis in mice. Tu X, Zhang Y, Zheng X, Deng J, Li H, Kang Z, Cao Z, Huang Z, Ding Z, Dong L, Chen J, Zang Y and Zhang J. Sci Rep. 2017;7(1):2957.
  •   MicroRNA-30b Suppresses Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and Metastasis of Hepatoma Cells. Sun X, Zhao S, Li H, Chang H, Huang Z, Ding Z, Dong L, Chen J, Zang Y and Zhang J. Journal of cellular physiology. 2017;232:625-634.
  •   The signaling axis of microRNA-31/interleukin-25 regulates Th1/Th17-mediated inflammation response in colitis. Shi T, Xie Y, Fu Y, Zhou Q, Ma Z, Ma J, Huang Z, Zhang J and Chen J. Mucosal Immunol. 2017;10(4):983-995.
  •   Modulating the phenotype of host macrophages to enhance osteogenesis in MSC-laden hydrogels: Design of a glucomannan coating material. Niu Y, Li Q, Xie R, Liu S, Wang R, Xing P, Shi Y, Wang Y, Dong L * and Wang C. Biomaterials. 2017;139:39-55.
  •   In situ sequestration of endogenous PDGF-BB with an ECM-mimetic sponge for accelerated wound healing. Li Q, Niu Y, Diao H, Wang L, Chen X, Wang Y, Dong L* and Wang C. Biomaterials. 2017;148:54-68.
  •   Post-screening characterisation and in vivo evaluation of an anti-inflammatory polysaccharide fraction from Eucommia ulmoides. Li Q, Feng Y, He W, Wang L, Wang R, Dong L* and Wang C. Carbohydrate polymers. 2017;169:304-314.
  •   A Jak2-selective inhibitor potently reverses the immune suppression by modulating the tumor microenvironment for cancer immunotherapy. He W, Zhu Y, Mu R, Xu J, Zhang X, Wang C, Li Q, Huang Z, Zhang J, Pan Y, Han J and Dong L*. Biochemical pharmacology. 2017;145:132-146.
  •   MiR-21 is required for anti-tumor immune response in mice: an implication for its bi-directional roles. He W, Wang C, Mu R, Liang P, Huang Z, Zhang J and Dong L*. Oncogene. 2017;36:4212-4223.
  •   A novel pyrazole-containing indolizine derivative suppresses NF-κB activation and protects against TNBS-induced colitis via a PPAR-γ-dependent pathway. Fu Y, Ma J, Shi X, Song XY, Yang Y, Xiao S, Li J, Gu WJ, Huang Z, Zhang J and Chen J. Biochem Pharmacol. 2017;135:126-138.
  •   A macrophage-activating, injectable hydrogel to sequester endogenous growth factors for in situ angiogenesis. Feng Y, Li Q, Wu D, Niu Y, Yang C, Dong L* and Wang C. Biomaterials. 2017;134:128-142.
  •   MicroRNA-125b-5p modulates the inflammatory state of macrophages via targeting B7-H4. Diao W, Lu L, Li S, Chen J, Zen K and Li L. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2017;491(4):912-918.
  •   Carrageenan activates monocytes via type-specific binding with interleukin-8: an implication for design of immuno-active biomaterials. Chan WI, Zhang G, Li X, Leung CH, Ma DL, Dong L* and Wang C. Biomaterials science. 2017;5:403-407.